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InsideCAT is a file organizer program designed to catalog all your PC disks (CD, DVD, floppys, CD-Audio...) with an excellent support for compressed and multimedia files.

It enables you to catalog files and locate them in a fast way. Use it as file organizer and never lose a file again. It works under all Windows versions.

InsideCAT can find any file or folder inside a group of PC discs. Mostly CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, although it can also work with any other type of disc. Besides, it allows the user to catalogue music CD-Audio discs.

It saves the disk information on your HD and you will no need to have the disks inserted to see the information.

It supports 14 compressed files formats, multimedia files: (more than 38 variants), searching according to all data catalogued

It allows adding descriptions to the files, folders and catalogues, and searches them.

I addition you won’t need any third-part software because it has 'built-in' routines for all file formats.

Limited to 100 catalogues.

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